Misunderstanding of mental illness

there is a lot of misunderstanding of mental illness patients. we are often labelled as easily angry, provoked, unreasonable people. but it isn’t the case, it’s as simple as we are very rational yet very emotional. we flare up because we have been burying lots of hurts and unforgiven situations. Yet in this unforgiving world, everyone talks about love, care and concern yet it is far from what they say it is. their love is conditional and shallow, people do not understand the truest meaning of love (the correct type of love), one that should both be emotionally beside the target and yet morally and righteously correcting him with adequate love. but this world has yet to be at this stage and never will it be even though it talks a lot about it all over the world. I am emotionally deprived and tries to be logical at the same time while hoping to balance between others and my feelings.

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