Missing your smile

I was out the other day at a pub and there was loud music. I heard a song for the first time. I remember the lyrics: i’m missing your smile, i’m missing your touch. It was a girl and the song sounded house. It’s new. Does anybody know it? She sounded like Dido.

No. Nothing like this

e(Y)e Love DIDO ,

How D(Y)D You Discover Her (???) ,

e(Y)e’m Curious Cause No One Talks About Her Anymore …

I just did a lyric search… and that’s what it returned…

i don’t listen to slena gomez


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e(Y)e Do … ,

Because She’s Amazing …

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I’ve been searching for the past 2 days with no luck.

Could it just be a remix of the one posted by @SoitGoes

Like this

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I did! fifteen characters

You’re a selena gomez fan after all!


Thaz Where We Will Nvr Fall (!!!)

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