Missing person (not from this site kinda long sry)

Does anyone know how to go about looking for a missing person? I know I should just accept that she’s chosen the life she’s living but here’s the thing. About six months ago she started seeing this guy…I didn’t think anything of it because she was somewhat fresh out of a break-up and flipping back and fourth between guys, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. The story of how she went missing is below if you want to read it. I am worried about her, but she’s always been able to handle herself well,which leaves me more worried about her 10 year old son and what’s happened to him.

Fast forward to this summer she calls me out of the blue saying that she had lost her job (an at home assisted living program in her community) because her elderly patient died in her sleep and it was taking time for them to find her someone new. I accepted this because well she’s never really lied to me before and it sounds reasonable, she lives in a small town of about 3,000 people kind of isolated out in the country. She called saying she needed money for rent because her landlord was going to kick her and her ten year old son out if they didn’t have the money right away. Though it was a lot of money for me I wanted to help my best friend since the third grade out.

Then a couple of days later she calls and says she’s being harassed by the police because of the guy she is with…they’re trying to get her to say he’s a drug dealer and he wasn’t, and the police chief didn’t want to help her because he believed his cops…well the story was a bit out there but again I had no reason not to trust her. She’s like family to me and has always been there, even sticking with me after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I’m familiar with small towns, I was born in one and my dad still has family up there and kind of understand how politics/police work in them.

So she asks us to come pick her up and bring her, her boyfriend, and son to the city so my dad and I drive up to her place (about two hours from here) and bring her here, dad even gets her a friends & family discount at the hotel he was working for at the time…because we have a cat and she’s allergic to cats, not to mention our apartment isn’t that big.

I was getting suspicious of the story she was trying say changed from when she told it to me, to when she told it to my dad in the car, then changed again when she was talking to my mom about it. I also felt some things sounded to be embellished a little, like how she had this problem with the police then all of sudden a car she had taken in to the shop a couple weeks ago suddenly didn’t work…then we were planning on having them over for dinner that night and she rudely stated that “just because I’m feeling miserable doesn’t mean you have to as well…” and on the trip home she didn’t say a word to me, not to mention when I got out to say goodbye and give her a hug like we always did, she walked right past me not looking at me and went into the apartment. Which pissed me off, even though I got a big hug from her son.

The next weekend she called late at night wanting us to come pick her up again but mom said not to answer the phone so she tried dad while he was working the next day, and he called mom to tell her we couldn’t go pick her up again…that call didn’t go well and that was the last I heard from her.

Thinking things would cool down again I moved on but kept her and her son in my thoughts hoping things were calming down for them when out of the blue I get a message from her mother who said my friend had packed up and moved out her apartment in the middle of the night. No word as to why, or where she was going. I also learned my friend has been doing at least xanax without a prescription, and probably on other drugs as well. Also that her boyfriend was a controlling jerk trying to prevent her from seeing her friends/family…they even dropped her cell phone and just had one phone. Also learned the cops weren’t harassing her, she had called them twice on her mom who was probably trying to look after her son. To top it all of the woman she was working for was very much alive and even asking what happened to my friend because she hadn’t seen her in a while.

Now I’m worried something bad will or has happened to her. I have no idea where she could be, or where her 10 year old is. I have no idea if they are okay, or if her boyfriend did something to them…or if she was doing illegal drugs say dealer did something, or whatever…just something bad happening to them in the end.

Does anyone have an idea how I can go about finding my friend to see if she is safe with her son? Her mom was trying to get her as a missing person, but the fact that she’s 38 and left on her own free will and her son is with his legal and biological mother there wasn’t much she could because isn’t a grandparent law in Missouri. She also wants to have my friend declared and unfit mother so she can take her son, which I think would be the best thing for him because her mom is a wonderful caring person. Her mom is also worried about getting my friends son’s dad in the picture because they may try and take him out of state and prevent them from from ever seeing him again…

which right now if it meant keeping the boy safe I wouldn’t mind but his dad isn’t the greatest, still I liked him better than the last two guys she’s been with. I’m just really worried for my friend. I’ve had two dreams where she’s come to me, and though I don’t think I’m psychic I’ve also had several dreams involving my late grandfather from my dad’s side and some with both my grandparents on my mom’s side so I kind wonder if I see people in dreams or if it’s just an over active imagination. I also felt more peaceful after the dreams with others, but I’m not ready deal with the fact that my friend and/or her son may be dead.

So not only am I dealing with all of that drama my little kitty has been sick…she’s had like an inflammation in her lungs causing breathing problems for her and it’s been a daily struggle to try and get her to take her medication…so I’ve had an increase in my schizophrenic episodes with more voices/intruding thoughts, and been dealing with severe depression and anxiety. I’d just like to have some kind of closer, if my friend wants to drop our friendship I can accept that at this point, but I just want to leave knowing she’s okay and not hurt or worse.