Missing people of the Forum

I remember there was a thread while ago but it got locked for some reason…
Anyway, maybe I’ not the only one who occasionally notice people missing from the forum… And felt like missing them.
Maybe some of them are still lurking around …or they will check in someday…so this is for them


Hope you doing fine!
Your absence has been noticed. Hope you’ll come back with some good stories to tell.


You are a sweetheart! :balloon:

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And you are a cuttie.:cookie:

Perhaps They Are All Writing Books / Poems / Short Stories / & / Such … ,

Perhaps Validating and Exclusively Re-writing Them and Preparing Tha Way For a Fire Of Vile … ,

Jus Tip-toeing Round Tha Hidden Corridors Of Emptiness and Lusting After Buggie Bugs Soft Meatlings … ,

Hanging From Dripwire Of Helplessness … ,

Jus Waiting For Tha Buzzer and Alarms To Sound Off … ,

As a Doorbell Of Indecency … ,

Ya Know (???) ,

and You Seem So Nyse With How You Always Remember Those Who Are Lost in tha Creation Of Tha Abyss …

I still wonder about lagoonlovely

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In Tha Meantyme ,

Please ,

Please Enjoi … ,

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Yeah No Doubt , She Got a Darkness Within a Spinning Of Purified White Hawt Light , My kinda Chickie … ,

Both Actually , For There Is Two Of Them …

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I wonder about @lagoonlovely too.
She was so lovely :))

And…just noticed that I used wrong verb tense in my first post. It should be And feel like missing them. ( I hate you English)

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@astefano is in the hospital, he checked himself in. hope he’s doing alright



Doesn’t matter if you don’t post so much or you’re dealing with your own stuff, there goes a hug for ya.

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Where did @notmoses go? Hope he didn’t get run off the site.

Ahem…This thing on? taps mic

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Hey, look who’s back! :smiley:

Shhhh silence you peasants!
You have our attention.

Honoured to be mentioned, thank you ever so much Miss Sara

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Hey we are quite a weird family here. :)))
I hope you’re doing well.

Somewhat better than I’ve been, I hope you’re well and everyone else is


@Plumber hope you’re doing cool, bud. stay frosty


@MisterWaffles :telescope: