Missing old friends

they used to be so close friends I went to school with now that we’ve grown up we hardly ever talk in fact it’s going so far to where we moved away and all the ■■■■■■■■ peoplehave come and gone awaywill I ever get them back to have and hugand share the feelings that we have and dreams of things that we used to dream about talk them outhello I miss my old friends they’re not the same as my new ones


I don’t necessarily miss the characters of my I’d friends, they abandoned me when I became ill, and I cut them off from coming back. I do miss what it was like to have friends though, to have people I could just have a laugh with, I can with my mum but I’d like some other people with mutual interests. I remember laughing so and just being silly; it’s been so long since I’ve been silly! (Other than acting bizarre I mean…)

I’m going to a physical college in septemember, I’ll be with the people there, two years and I’m hoping we can all get on :blush: , or at least in little groups. I just want somewhere I can just be who I am without consequences of bullying or gossip! I’m trying to take things as they come and accept whatever may happen. Not get my hopes up.

I understand where you’re coming from, sorry I’ve rambled on a bit.
Take care,

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I’ve actually had ONE old childhood friend come back.

We met when we were 6 and were close for many years… when we were 17 life took some interesting turns for both of us.

He had some life events and then came out as Gay… I had a full blown episode and landed in hospital.

He thought I disappeared on him because he was openly gay.

I thought he disappeared on me because I was openly ill.

We hadn’t spoken in all those years until just this last Christmas when his kid sis and my kid sis got us into a room together. Much to our surprise… now that we’re both older, clean, sober, and settled… that friendship began to mend quickly.

It’s an odd mix of getting to know the new people we are, mixed a bit with who we were.

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I miss so many people that now I’m content to let people come and go, even the closest of friends will probably move on with time and that’s fine with me. At least I know I’m still capable of friendship and lucky that it doesn’t hurt anymore when people go their own ways.

But yes, I have people I miss very much.

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