Missing My Outdoor Walks

At the end of September, I managed to walk 12+ miles over a period of 10 days. It also marked the anniversary of my first major psychosis.

I miss the outdoors. It’s simply too cold out to enjoy the elements. I think what I have to do is buy better clothing for the seasons. In fact, that is my new goal - to buy better pants & shirts for walking outdoors. Fall is simply too beautiful of a season to be couped up inside all day.

Whereas when the weather is 65 degrees or over, I can walk 4+ miles, now I can only walk maybe 1/2 a mile or a mile before the weather starts affecting my brain, mood, and energy levels - simply too cold & uncomfortable.

Where do you live, Canada? It’s prime walking season for me right now in the ne USA. Did a hike Sunday and yesterday. Me and my neighbor go for a walk around the neighborhood nightly too.

I’m in Wisconsin, southeast. I’m pretty close to Canada, though. Yeah, it’s a tad too chilly for me now.

It’s still hot in California.

I find cold weather invigorating. But I don’t walk well anymore. Bad feet. I miss walking in the fields in all sorts of weather.

Love these boots on icy walks…

very warm… good grip and support. I’m in Seattle… more rain then snow… but with all that water… we get Ice.

Hope you can enjoy the winter…

(They have men’s sizes too)