Missing living on my own

I took care of myself and people left me alone when I was in my room.

Now, there’s an odd feeling that people are bugging me. I can’t explain even though sometimes someone on here will ask when I complain: “What are they actually doing to you?”

Well, some of it I is mistaken and other times I feel like a pressure or presence in my apartment. The only way I can describe it is the times I’m not really aware of it until it stops. It’s just something in the air.


Does this happend often?

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It happens very often. If this was the 1960’s when I was growing up I would say something like it’s just a “bad vibe.”

I know what you’re talking about

What do you do to make the feeling go away? I usually take half a xanax, or sleep.

As long as it doesn’t ocupy a lot of your time and everygy or gives you problems in professional and social situations it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Peace :v:

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Thanks, unfortunately, I tend to dwell on it.

Yeah, I do the same thing sometimes; I just go to bed early and in the morning I feel OK.

I can relate 15151515

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Thank you………………

I have a presence in my house…I only really notice it when it follows me to my bed when I am trying to go to sleep…the spiritual guest stays because I opened a portal back when I was ill to the spirit world…I still think it might be my grandfather…I sense my step father sometimes too…then sometimes my other grandfather too.

I live with family but it’s not so bad. Just the old man and I now and we do our own things whilst sharing the load of household duties. I have lived by myself for long periods of my life and sometimes I did feel lonliness. That was before meds though. I think I could live by myself…well with a couple of cats I’d be all right.

I know what your saying about strangers or friends. That shite can get old really quick because some people just treat you poorly. No easy answers for that though.

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