Missed Opertunities

I have been trying to volunteer in an organization lately to build experience for a future career. The director was communicating really well with me at first, but than stopped responding to my emails and voice messages. I have idea why. It seemed to be going well. Just today someone in my church who was related to the organization was acting weird around me. I am getting the feeling that my ex-husband or someone has been making it known that I have sz. I don’t know what to do. I talked to my pastor today and she reassured me that she had not been aware, but I was told recently that my ex was talking negative about people. I am wondering what is going to happen. I want to get off disability and work, but can’t do it if no one is willing to give me a chance. I was trying to hide my dx until I could prove myself. So many people have poor impressions of people with sz.

Hopefully they have just been busy…its hard enough without someone else meddling in things.

I did a peer support program which aims at employing people with a mental illness working in mental health it was a really good program at the moment i work for my partner in his business so its ok because he knows i have schizophrenia i think its best to tell people

I often wonder what others are saying behind my back. I’m sure most of it isn’t good. I try not to dwell on it. If someone is saying things that hurt you materially, though, that person needs to be stopped.