Missed my pdoc appointment

Im in trouble i bet lol

Its minus 45 celcius right now and my car dont work. So i tried to call a cab about 10 mins before since i woke up kinda late. Anyways, i was on hold for about 15 mins and when they said itll be 20 to 45 mins i just kinda accepted that its over. The phone ringer was off and i couldnt hear my case worker phoning me to lay the law down.

Honestly, im probably gonna end up in the psych ward again because of the whole CTO thing they did on me. At least im still taking my injections as scheduled. Tho i expect my pdoc is pissed off af along with my case worker.

I hate not being a morning person.

Make sure you keep in contact with everyone you need to, hopefully you won’t have to go to the psych ward.

Oh no. Hopefully they will be understanding and let you reschedule and not lock you up.

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