<><><> Miss You <><><>

Ok … ,

Hello Forumers … ,

e(Y)e am Crying … ,

Ok … ,

As e(Y)e Type , Some Tears Subsiding … ,

(sniffle sniffle) … ,

Don’t Let Go … ,

Hold Tite to What You , Yourself Knows to be True … ,


BUDDHA is One of tha Greatest Thinkers of Our T(Y)me$ , Check Out His Quotes on Google … ,

One of tha Best (!!!) ,

Many Out There Too … ,

it’s Cool to Realize that Evn if No One Seems to Care , Here We Sit With Computers , Being Able to Check Out Quotes From Our Free Thinking Adopters … ,

e(Y)e L.O.V.E. My Pup (!!!) ,

SHE"S COOL (!!!) ,

Ok … ,

My Question to You Carayzee Forumers is Thus … ,

When You Feel Lost and Alone , Who (OR) What Do You Turn to (???) … ,


Hey there sleepoptimistic,

I just happen to feel lost and alone tonight, and just like a night ten years ago on which I felt lost and alone, I did the same thing that on that night guided me back home. I just curled up on the couch and put on a documentary, ten years ago it was about China, tonight it was about the history of the American west, but it doesn’t matter what it’s about. Back then, ten years ago, I had driven half way across the country, bleached my hair and had lost all touch with who I was. It was that documentary, calming and informative that reminded me of who I was.

I don’t know, it’s a little odd, but it works. Of course a beers helped tonight as well, the first place my mind goes in these times is to people I loved and lost. Anyway, enjoyed you’re unique post, I’m off to wallow in the reading of an ancient live journal hopefully still up for posterity.


My brother. He is the only person on earth who actually knows me.

Yo There “mussel” ,

Thanks For Your Reply … ,

What’s Humoristic About My Tears and When e(Y)e Feel At My Wits End (wrote a poem about SYD BARRET
e(Y)e mite share tonite) ,

N e Hoo , e(Y)e Fynde POSITIVE Intellectual Confetti to Be Very Important For Myne and Others as well , PERSONAL Intellectual Confetti to Be Thrown and Glistening Around tha Outer-Space (such as KE$HA’s fun tyme$) Corridor’s to be Very Important … ,

" Give even when you have very little " … ,

Be it KARMA (OR) Naught … ,

One Will Fynde that , GIVING , is and Will Always Be More Rewarding then Continuosly Taking … … … ,

Jus Myne Own Living Dead Walking Breathing Such and Such … … … (2) .

Thanks For Your Reply (Part 2) ,

Jus Share What NEEDS to Be Shared … ,

Personal Info , Good / Bad / (OR) / Indifferent , Even to Family Can Be Used Against You … … …

This is true, but my brother has earned my trust over the course of many years. I could not say the same of anyone else in my family.

Naught to Be a Birthing of {{{paranoia}}}} … , but An Individual With Very (lets jus say) Terrible Intentions , Could and Would Happily and (oddly enough) Willingly , Work Throo-out Many Years of NEGATIVE Issue Netting and Webbing … ,

For Whatever Reason … … …

Jus Sayin … … … (2)

Have people betrayed you in the past? That is the vibe I am getting from your posts. If so, I understand. I do not trust very easily, and right now my brother is the only person I trust at all. I wish everyone could have their own version of my brother in their life, amidst all the betrayers.

Hmm … ,

Perhaps e(Y)e Shall Go With ,


On a side note, I read your username and my brain immediately thought of telepopmusik. Must have been the “pop”.

Yeah a Guy that Was STALKING a Girl e(Y)e L.O.V.E.d , Used to Express tha Word “pop” to Make Me Look Foolish … ,

Didn’t Work Since tha Girl Was a Step Away From Alerting Authorities on Him and Marrying Me … ,

Weird T(Y)me$ … … …

I trust too easily.

I shouldn’t trust at all.

But then we should all be able to trust someone. I guess I trust knowing trust will be broken and life will go on.

(Part 2)

“I hear the tears of a clown, I hate that song I always feel like they talkin to me when they play that song”

I like it. Reminds me of when this guy shows up with his guitar to my clubhouse, plays tears of a clown and leaves. Then a few days later I’m like…wait a minute, that was…well. Guy’s singing about me.

(Part 3)

Naught True … ,

Jus Hold Yourself as You Would Hold a Baby … ,

Careful and Gentle … ,

Tha Day Will Arrive , When There is a Beautiful Mist of Sunlight , Awaiting For You to Arrive (!!!)

My days have seen many beautiful awakenings of such mists of sunlight as you speak, as well as the depths of darkness so dark it blotted out the sun that is my mind.

All of Our Myndes … … …

: )

I was just thinking of you, @sleepoptimistic. I’m glad you checked in.

I think, when I feel like that, I rely on my cats, my mom, my roommate.

Hmm ,

Well if You Jus Relied On Me and Me Alone , You Wouldn’t Need thus Planet , tha Stars , Any of thee Other Planets . (OR) Even tha Solar System … ,

e(Y)e Mean COME ON (!) , a " SYSTEM " ,

Blah Blah Blah BLARGH … ,

… … …

Good to See You (by) (tha) (way) … … …