Miss my book collection

Don’t read all that much but I used to own a bunch of books and maybe read ten pages of one, then stop reading it, here and ten pages there. And it was a good way to pass time. I had tons of books now I barely have any.

You shouldn’t publish your own book until you are well established in a writing group,

a monthly round table, a group of friends, a writing center nearby.

When you do publish, these people will buy your book.
Establish places you can give readings for your book,

art galleries, open mics, coffee shops, music museums, independent book stores, and libraries.

Give them as commission several copies to sell.

Yesterday I got a check for $24. I had sold two books through them.

I just wanna read. I don’t have the focus to write a whole book. I miss the days of reading castenada & watts and other authors. I don’t have any good books anymore. And I only get internet on my phone

try reading short stories:

Scott Fitzgerald, John Cheever, Margaret Atwood, Anton Chekhov…

Maybe consider getting an e-reader? I love my Kindle Paperwhite. :nerd:

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all of Anton Chekhov’s are online. You can read them from your phone.

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I’d like to read some more Native American literature.

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I used to have a pretty large collection of books on Native American history and culture. I donated the collection to an American Indian education center.

The book “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse” by Peter Matthiessen is pretty interesting.

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Rudolfo Anaya is a good author from New Mexico, but he’s in the genre of contemporary Chicano literature.

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I love book, wish I could focus more to get through one, it really has to grab me before I can read it

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I like books about doing drugs. I guess I miss the experience. It’s why I liked Carlos castenada so much. It’s too bad the glamorizing of drugs is not like the actual experience. I liked hunter s Thompson

You would also like Josh Hamilton’s story, his bio.

It’s really good. I think I’ve mentioned it before,

the pro baseball player.

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I know all about him! Didn’t know there was a book though. I think I would enjoy it. I just bought 30 western books for $24. Love everything about the west and western movies hopefully it can occupy some of my time skimming these.

Dude I couldn’t live without my book collection. So I know how you feel.

I feel bad now when I think of all the books I’ve gotten rid of or sold off.

This is typically the debilitating effect of schizophrenia and its associated treatments!!

This author is great! He’s often written about his life as a Native American who grew up on a reservation.

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