Misplaced new year celebrations

Who was the genius to put the new year cycle in the middle of winter?

Should the new year not begin in the spring, you know, when things are new?

Who was the guy to say to celebrate newness in the dead of winter.

Things are not just old in the dead of winter, they are dead in the dead of winter.

What a time of year to celebrate newness right? When everything is dead.

The new year, or cycle, should be in the spring. When things are “new”, that’s why it’s a new year, because it’s “new”. You don’t put the “new” year in the ■■■■■■■ middle of the ■■■■■■■ winter when everything is long dead and the animals are praying for warmth and enough food.

He’s the backwards man. Everything is backwards with this dude, everything. No wonder everything sucks on earth right now. Because of the backwards men in charge eh?

The new year begins when the newness begins. The very start of spring is the new year. The new year is not in the middle of winter.


Strange, I was thinking the same exact thing the other night.
Spring represents Birth and Everything New, why not kick off the New Year during this time.
It makes a lot of sense.

It’s cuz he’s the backwards man man.

Him, up there at the top of it all, he’s the backwards man, the walking dude.

He put the new right in the middle of the deathly winters and not in the spring. In fact alot of this seems to be flowing backwards. No one ever knows it at first but it goes backwards here, we didn’t know what forwards was.

It’s only in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere. It’s in the middle of summer in the southern hemisphere.

Sheesh! We Americans always think it’s all about us. :rolling_eyes:

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The middle of summer would be the wrong place as well, that’s not the beginning

Any day can be the start of something new, particularly a positive attitude.


True, but even if the New Year started in Spring in the Northern hemisphere, it would be Fall in the Southern hemisphere.

So having the New Year in January sort of splits the difference. :slight_smile:

In the Northern Hemisphere, it roughly marks when the light starts to increase again.

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So it celebrates the beinning of the start that heads towards newness.

And also the circumcision of Jesus, apparently :confused:

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apparently, they celebrate New Years on different days around the world