Misogyny, male rage and the words men use to describe Greta Thunberg

I don’t know enough to definitely say ‘Yay or nay’ on the climate change front, but the behaviour towards her by some people is appalling .


It doesn’t just come to climate change denial, but even denial about how much worse the world has become in the last 2, or maybe even 3 decades. If you talk to some of the mental health professionals here in the city I live in, they might not think so.

This is what happens when fact and opinion get mixed up. The science is pretty clear on this yet extreme sides have formed for some reason.

Climate change is not debatable unless your an idiot.


I am pretty disappointed that Jeremy Clarkson hit out at her. It is usually by people who think that their money is more important than the environment.


They need to find a way for people to make money preserving the atmosphere. They say the first man to become a millionaire in the California gold rush wasn’t a miner. It was the man who sold the miners shovels.


activists gonna get hate

anyone doing anything on line is gonna get hate

mention abuse they ask you how much you enjoyed being full of cum…

etc etc etc

Really? REALLY?

No. She’s doing the right thing. Someone needs to speak up and she did it.

She is not mentally ill- she is advocating for something that cannot defend itself.
Don’t mix up mental health to well-spoken speech that deserves recognition. Eh.

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I really admire and respect her for her courage!

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She’s being used as a tool to impose carbon taxes on the populace, that aren’t going to change the weather one iota.

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Wait, was that the guy who got fired from his TV show for assaulting someone over food?

And he thinks she is spoiled?

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^ ^^ Are you both trying to get this moved to unusual beliefs?

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Sorry, I have selective vision; I see something, my brain starts clicking and I post something completly irrelevant.

I think that those who deny climate change are a schetcy bunch. And I can’t belive why people keep acting like its no big deal. The right wing politicians who dont want massive immigration, should be more afraid of climate change than anybody. This stuff is apocalyptic, and very scary.

I like Greta Thunberg. But I do think she looks tired now. She should try to enjoy her youth.

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