Misleading Guidance From Pharmacogenomic Testing



Hey @firemonkey, thanks for posting this. So what’s the answer.

I thin the answer is to be cautious about such testing. Seems to me there is a long way to go before such testing reaches acceptable levels of reliability.

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The answer was C, the patient responded to clozapine although the genetic test predicted it was not compatible.

The analysis in the article says that there’s just not enough data yet. The genetics testing company based the reccomendations on 2 small studies, it looks like neither of which was particularly relevant to the patient (one was on treatment response in FEP).

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Pharmacohoga what? Jibber jabber

My psychiatrist’s colleague who I had an appointment with kept suggesting I do this type of testing for some reason. I suppose she thought that since it is new it is always accurate. I personally was surprised to learn that this type of testing even existed at the present moment.