Misfit market the package arrived!

Here is the produce I got from misfit market! I’m so happy!


Nice! What’s misfit market?

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@anon1517417. It’s a website you order cheap product mostly produce because they are misfits and stores wont use them but they are still good… I got all of that for $28 and some change


That sounds like a cool service. Too much food gets wasted these days. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


You spent $28 on vegetables? Am I missing something not shown in the picture because that seems steep?

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@GrayBear. I agree

@anon40540444. In the store you’d probably spend $40 on all of that I made out great if you ask me and I’ve got some of my favorite stuff without leaving my home

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@anon40540444. It’s also all organic

Ahhh, therein explains the price.

@anon40540444. Yeah but I’m happy about it

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I’d say that’s a sweet deal! Very cool, and you also save on gas. :+1:

@Montezuma. Very true

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