What’s your definition of Schizophrenia? I was diagnosed a couple months ago on the basis that I said I heard Reptilian clicks in the forest where I live. That’s it. Paranoid sz now. I don’t hear voices but I become entranced in conspiracy theories. Any similar stories?

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Did you hear reptilian clicks based on reading about reptilians?

I don’t regularly get voices but do hallucinate a bit. It’s a pretty big indicator getting paranoid and thinking the world is out to get you. There’s like a few key parts for the diagnostic criteria. You have some present but not others it’s still a valid diagnosis.

Do the medications help? It’s usually the prime concern!

Idk the definition of schizophrenia. All I know is that I was paranoid, confused, I thought I will die soon and heard voices and other things too. I was too psychotic


I understand you. Abilify helped but I lost all sense of self, all the fun parts died and I don’t want my imagination to dissipate


That’s on another level I guess. I got scared aswell. What meds are you taking? I guess I have a stereotypical image of a rambling person hearing voices on the street 24/7.


I’m on Invega 9mg pills since one year and half ago or so… I have only paranoid thinking now pretty often but with a reason.

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