So , after adjusting and feeling like I had some grip on my diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic , my doctor tells me I’m borderline personality with stints of psychosis , I’m so tired of this , has anyone had these issues of no one knowing exactly what is wrong with ur mind , if anything :wink: I feel things like no other and starting to believe I am dispatched from this world , feeling tired and think about hanging myself regularly , I find the small beautiful things and focus on them to find the Will to stick around , it’s ebbing away flower by flower , small miracle after small miracle , anyone coping with this now , I would really appreciate some words of guidance , Thanks in advance


Please choose life.


Borderline has a better prognosis.

Get medicated for the psychosis part. Get therapy for the borderline.


My friend has borderline personality and she went through this great therapy called DBT, dialectical behavior therapy, that she says helps her tremendously. Her life is going well now. She just got a job, and she has quite a few good friends. Don’t give up! It will get better. Take your meds and look into DBT.


Its the same here songbird. I had the diagnosis of borderline in the past, then one another doc decided that I am schizophrenic. I am not even sure that they didn’t mess me with all the meds that I tried. and I tried a lot. Now I am a wreck… It seems too for me that nobody knows what happens to my mind. I made the mistake to just complain in front of the docs instead of telling them how I was feeling. Dont put them in mistake, that’s my advice cause this can be dangerous.I have no life since 16 years so you are not alone in your loneliness too…
but I guess I made too much mistakes in my life… I smoked too much weed in complete isolation for 6 years so its not so strange that I am so ill now… dont give up!


Don’t give up (on life I mean). I think all of these psychological disorders are hard to diagnose. There is no real test for them. I am not diagnosed currently, but am on meds. That is, I was not told by my pdoc what I have. I was able to find out what they bill under on the insurance, but that is just so they can bill the insurance. Not sure how much thought goes into that.

By the way, are you on antidepressants at all, you should be if you are having suicidal thoughts.

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My hair is falling out in handfulls now , this evening I found a new bald patch to add to the four I have already , I feel like the person I spend a lot of time with is the reason I feel so bad but I can’t get away , I get called names and my illness is made worse a lot of the time because of this person , I’m choosing to stick around for the moment and I really appreciate all of ur replies , has anyone had hair fall out or any other stress manifestations , I’ve also become very poorly last two days , this is not helping me to feel better about my mind as u can imagine , I just don’t know what to do anymore , trying to stay positive at all costs

Not on any medication at all at the moment it makes things worse for me at times but maybe it’s time to try

Actually yes. Not long ago I started seeing hair everywhere… needless to say I was pretty stressed at the time, and it’s stopped since then.
B12 helps with both stress and hair health, so you might consider it.


Really , I may need to get into it , I’ve been trying to change my diet but mostly I find it hard to eat anything , my hair loss has been quite bad before now but this is the worst it has ever been , I feel like I need a holiday lol like forever

In my experience, diet can be a complete game changer. Although I had my own set of stomach issues before hand. But I do everything in my power to get brain food. And really couldn’t operate without it.


Yes I know how important diet is , I find if I eat a lot of carrot and ginger my mind calms down , strangely if I eat dairy it makes me literally go insane like I cannot manage my thoughts anymore , even a little , so I don’t have dairy anymore and should stop drinking alcohol but sometimes its the only thing that calms me down after a “visit” from whoever is deciding to mess with me , I used to be given diazepam injections and tablets to chill me out , and those injections have me really bizarre after affects I tend to be weary of any meds but alcohol is no crutch to be having

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i myself debate my diagnosis, just remember that these labels aren’t created throuhg a scientific process. the dsm is basically like the boyscout handbook for psychiatrists, it is nowhere near scientific. like 70% of the so called diseases (binge eating disorder, seasonal affective disorder etc) are normal human variations. severe mental illness would more accurately be defined by looking at the individual symptoms rather than grasping for disorders and diseases. if you are psychotic, you need an antipsychotic, low or high dose. or, if the psychiatrist deems it ok just a mood stabilizer. or a sub therapeutic dose. 70% of disorders in the manual are just treated by a benzo or an antidepressant. it really isn’t that complicated to don;t overthink it. your psychiatrist surely doesn’t. 95% of her job is looking for and dealing with side effects, seeing if the drugs are well tolerated. you’ll hear that phrase alot btw. well tolerated.


I partly don’t want to take anything because I know , well my psychosis knows it’s wrong and I’m torn , my brain tells me , no no don’t take that , don’t make us quiet , and then moments of clarity , I don’t tolerate any medication well , and I’ve had a lot , I find the doctor patient relationship is not helpful whatever , in some cultures we would be considered privileged and insightful , I don’t want to go into it because it’s triggering for some but I have known things I shouldn’t that have actually saved lives because I have left myself open and unmedicated , the antipsychotics don’t lesson my hallucinations either they just change the nature of them which had baffled my psychiatrist and after maybe 12 medications I just said no more , I sit with my dogs and try stay calm mostly , this time of the morning is always hard , many people living alone ? And where abouts ? :slight_smile:

The whole meds ordeal never worked well for me because I was told by my pdoc, "You’re upside down on your meds."
Same as my grandma was told, everything expected turned out the complete opposite- except the bad side effects only got worse.

Meds have to be taken to work, but if the benefits don’t outweigh the risks/bad side effects, they will still be sitting in the

In some cultures those that “Know” and “See” things others don’t may be regarded as privileged and insightful, but rarely do they have a happy peaceful mind, and they live alone.

A lot of alcohol leaves the body lacking in the b vitamines, which is what the hair needs to be full and strong.

I just recently was diagnosed with BPD. I feel as if it’s a misdiagnoses, and I’m quite scared that the medical community won’t take me seriously and I won’t be able to get the help I need. Unfortunately BPD is extremely stigmatized in the psychiatric community, (hence the idea that we’re all manipulative attention seeking liars)

I once read a report about how this one woman was experiencing extreme pain in her stomach, and her doctors believed her. Then she was diagnosed with BPD and her doctors no longer believed her. They also didn’t believe she was allergic to a certain adhesive tape like she told them and because they thought she was a liar, they used it anyways. She was, of course allergic to it and became very sick after that. I hope those doctors got in a lot of trouble.

@valiumprincess I have been ignored and turned away by doctors due to mental illness, and I don’t have BPD. Anyway, after multiple times of having emergency life or death situations that occurred because Drs blew me off, one hospital in the area has a note on my chart that they have to at least give me a test before discharging me. Each and every time I’ve been to the hospital I had a very real and life threatening situation that required immediate surgery. I think they blow off all mentally ill people, not just the borderline diagnosed ones unfortunately. I’ve always said because I’m mentally ill if I get cancer they’ll say my MI caused it and they won’t treat me, rather I’ll die from it. I no longer have much faith in medicine.


I have been misdiagnosed as well. It’s frustrating being told a diagnosis and learning all that you can about that diagnosis, and then they tell you that that diagnosis is incorrect and call it something different.

If there is one thing I have learned through trial and error, it’s that the diagnosis will never matter as much as what you experience.