Mirtazapine for sleep

Does anyonehere take Mirtazapine for sleeping? How much? Do you get used to it over time and does it cause weight gain?

Hi there I take mirtazapine to help me sleep. I only take 3.75 mg which is a quarter of a 15 milligram tablet. That low dosage really works for me I fall asleep quickly I was started off at a higher dose but it made me so hungry I can see where the weight gain would come from . But at this low-dose that I take I have no hunger issues or weight gain .

I’ve had good luck with mirtazapine (30 mg/day) for these symptoms, which I’ve then been able to wean off once the anxiety was improved. I’ve had long-lasting insomnia. Melatonin, Tylenol PM, etc. never did anything for me. The only thing that really did the trick was mirtazapine. It’s predominantly used, of course, as an antidepressant, but man… it knocked me the fück out.

Physical dependence is a common issue with sedating sleep medication. Dependence occurs when your body expects to receive the medication. When the medication is not received, you have the opposite effects. It is not the same as psychological addiction. Mirtazapine works well for sleep at lower dosages - higher dosages has opposite effect. Even at lower dosages, you can build up tolerance.

Mirtazapine is not my favorite sleep med for the reasons mentioned above. It also can cause extreme weight gain. Ask your doctor for something different. Other antidepressants that are used for sleep include trazodone, nefazodone, doxepin and amitriptyline.

Thanks! I will try 3.75 mg Mirtazapine for sleep.

If that doesn’t work for you try 7 1/2 mg

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they have a lot of them out there

I take Trazadone

I wouldn’t think these cause weight gain
not sure

some guy on Facebook told me that Trazadone

caused him to be suicidal, now why would that be

never anything like that

The lowest dosage of Mirtazapine I can buy is 15 mg. This can be split up into 2 x 7,5 mg, but also into 4 x 3,75 mg?

I’ve been taking Mirtazapine for sleep for more than 8 years. Ranging from 7.5mg up to 30mg. It was a miracle drug for my sleep until I had a psychosis 2 years ago. It still works but not as great as before the psychosis. I guess the disturbed sleep has more to do with the effects the psychosis had on me rather than that I’ve ‘pooped out’ Mirtazapine. I’ve tried tons of other so called sleep meds but with no success so I’m still taking 15mg and it helps me to fall asleep but unfortunately it doesn’t keep me at sleep.

Mirtazapine may/will cause weight gain the first few months when your on it but it should level out (if your lucky), it’s not like (most) antipsychotics where you keep gaining weight no matter what.

Yes I am prescribed 15 mg tablets and I split it into four and take 3.75 mg each night It works for me

Makes you hungry, kills your sex drive and didn’t help me sleep. Worst med I ever tried.

I guess it works for some people though. Good luck.