Minor scare yesterday

The last time my symptoms returned was several months ago and it was preceded by having the thought that perhaps other people knew what I was thinking. Next thing I know I’m symptomatic again after over a year+ symptom free.

Well I had this thought again yesterday and thought “oh great here it comes again…” but nothing has come of it. It was just the passing thought that perhaps others could read my mind and the last time I’d had this thought I was flooded with positive symptoms once again for three weeks. But nothing this time…just an odd passing thought.

What a strange malady Sz is…something that preceded a relapse of symptoms last time just passes without issue this time. I don’t get it. I’m just grateful I’m not being bothered by positive symptoms anymore.


I honestly believe when this happens, it depends on how strong I’m feeling and how I react to what is happening in my head circus.

When I’m feeling stronger and the kidnapper twinge hits… I can take a moment, step back, breath and keep calm as it just passes by.

When I wasn’t doing so well, my brain would lock onto that and then I would think about it harder, then begin to panic, then it would all amp up… then I was in trouble. But with therapy and more tools in my tool box for coping… I can work on not letting stuff like this stick and make me worse.

Congratulations… I think this is a sign that your getting stronger. :thumbsup:

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