Minor delusions and major delusions

Minor delusions: with insight.

  1. Stockhausen, and especially his grandiose opera Licht, opened the way for my arrival as savior of this world. Stockhausen, my precursor.
  2. captain beefheart’s mustache intertwined with my brain neurons, getting bigger and smaller according to the music I listen to.
  3. I am all persons.

Major delusions: without insight. Dream like.

  1. TV says what I think.
  2. TV sees me.
  3. TV is flirting with me.
  4. crazy coincidences, glitches in the matrix.

It’s good you have little insight

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Alien is a spirit messing with my mind talking to me and placing his thoughts in my head
My mother in law trying to poison me
My in laws hate me
Policeman in bank was a criminal in disguise

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Do you have insight? Knowing that they are irrational but still believe them?

I think so. But Alien is real so I guess I don’t think he’s irrational

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My voices seem real too.
And they say that even when I don’t hear them, they are with me, by my side, protecting me.
Maybe it’s a delusion.

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If you have these delusions. What are you gonna do about it? When i broke my arms i went to hospital, i didn’t rejoice in pain. I took action. Same was when i was psychotic. It’s the rule for recovery. So???

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It’s not that severe to need hospitalization.
I have insight, and i am saner than ever

I meant to say to seek help. You say it’s fine. I don’t understand. You just like to talk unusual delusions? I’m out from this thread it’s not recovery oriented. Bye

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Bye. It’s a thread about users’ major and minor delusions.

I don’t expect to be completely delusions free.
I have some minor and occasionally major delusions. Voices are rare. I am sane.
Even coincidences seem funny, I don’t take them seriously

I’m curious about the fact you know the TV experiences are delusions, but don’t think you have insight. Back when I was under psychosis, I would’ve counted knowing they were delusions as a win.

Anyway, you seem experienced with them, I hope they aren’t causing you too much trouble.


I don’t know they are delusions when they are happening. I am lost in psychosis. Only afterwards

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