Minocycline failed treating neg. should I try Sertindole?

Minocycline failed treating neg. symptoms should I try Sertindole ?

im treatment resistant it seems, i dont know what I have anymore

im still on abilify but that nasty ■■■■ caused me to loose 2k in 1 hour last week this is nasty ■■■■ abilify shame on you!

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As far as I know. There are no meds that treat negative symptoms. :bear::bear::bear:


If you have a compulsive gambling problem on abilify then it’s best to switch to another med.


what about insulting voices, depression, compulsive gambling on abilify

What should be the best to take.

Vraylar is 100 euro here for 1 month i cannot afford it because of the gambling so bad

What meds did not work? Maybe try the ones you didn’t try. I will be trying low dose Rexulti after tomorrow, will see if it makes me impulsive and hypersexual, I can detect those now with insight I developped since last time I stopped Abilify.

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Try Rexulti if its available.

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Won’t they give you pimavanserin?, I can’t remember what it’s called. That article said it’s because serotonin is the problem, not dopamine.

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