Minnii is at table

Minnii is offline. Do you have any idea what she is going to eat for dinner?

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Probably some bread. Maybe some pork loins
With mashed potatoes. Idk.

Maybe some portuguese specialty :pizza:

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Personnaly, I’ve just eaten my dinner (I live in Europe too). It was a pot-au-feu, a french specialty


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You were the one who said you’re from Brittany? IMO French food is like the best on earth. We need more French restaurants in the USA. We used to have this place called voila and we knew the owner, he’d always give us free dessert. I would have steak frites or cheese soufflé

I make good chicken pot-au-feu!

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I spent a Hogmanay in France once. The food and drink was exceptional.

I am quite ashamed to say I particularly enjoyed the foie gras.

You not only need more french restaurants in the USA but also more french people. France is the exact solution to anglosphere’s difficulties. Don’t forget Lafayette and french Lousiana!

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She’s having this

Well, had a entrecôte steak with rice. Was pretty good :slight_smile: Good night, guys