Minion Said

Okay I just realized in the bottom frame of the photo they’ve switched the minions but it still doesn’t take away from the joke…


What’s Candy Crush? It sounds like a game. I know this is funny. I think the minions are so cute.

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It is a game on facebook, it can get rather addicting. I say I’m going to quit playing it because I get stuck on a level for months it seems like then one day out of the blue I’ll go and pass the level and keep on playing. You’re given five lives to match candies and remove candies and advance to the next level. It’s sort of a twist on Bejeweled. You’re given the chance to use various power ups but once you use the free ones they give at the beginning you have to start buying them.

Yet you can still play the game without any of the power ups. You can fail a level five times then you have to take a break while your “lives” are restored which I’m not sure how long it takes for all lives to be restored because i only play it in the morning when I wake up and then at night before I go to bed…sometimes only in the morning.

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Thanks sohare1981. I used to play Farmville, but it was taking all my time. I’d have to rush home and harvest my crops and I couldn’t go anywhere because I was so busy plowing and planting. I had to give it up.

well this one isn’t quite like that, it’s just matching candies to either get rid of so many kinds of candies, or squares or whatever the challenge maybe but you can come and go as you please. I used to do farmville to but got bored with it…had a few other games like that one as well but quit them too. after a while they all get too repetitious and boring. And when a game starts becoming more of a job or chore than actually being fun then what’s the point of playing it?

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