Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario

For anyone living in Ontario working and making minimum wage you’re getting a whopping 10 cents an hour raise starting October 1st, lol


Most ppl wont realize there getting more money and minimum wage jobs are important like a store clerk and even some restaurants pay them minimum wage it sucks and everybody should be able to live a happy life not go to a food bank it’s insane


I consider myself lucky, I make more than minimum wage (so this doesn’t apply to me) but if I were to get this raise, being a part time worker, about 50ish hours a month, that would work out to $5.00/month more in income, lol

Try not to spend it all in one place!

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This is a big part of why I don’t go to places like fast food restaurants. I dislike enabling employers wno won’t pay a living wage.


It’s $15.20 in British Columbia :flushed:


With this raise the minimum wage will be $14.35/hour in Ontario

It was suppose to be over $15.00 by now but Doug Ford (The Premier of Ontario) froze the minimum wage after he was elected a few years ago.

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Thats pretty cool, hoping 2 get a job soon, if I put in effort.


The problem is if that 10 cents puts you in a new tax bracket you pay more taxes and in the end probably lose more than you make anyway.

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