Mini vacation

My nephew is leaving for the Army on Tuesday. He is 19.

So I got me and the wife a suite at the Navy Lodge on base in New Orleans Monday night. I don’t like to wake up early. The ceremony is at 9.

I will see if I can board the dogs at the vet tomorrow. I think the cats will be fine for one night.

First time I make a road trip with the Mrs in a while.

My son and I are going to see Kiss in New Orleans next month but he can drive us home. We aren’t going to stay the night. But of course if I still drank we would and go party in the French Quarter. I don’t like to stay up late either but I wouldn’t check in to a hotel and just go to sleep on my son.

I will stay up late that night. Might get psychotic but hey I get to wear my Kiss shirt I bought in Korea. It’s bad ass.


I’d be in the hospital if I had to do all that lol.

Staying up late or getting up too early is rough.

Here is my Kiss shirt.

We are going to watch my nephew swear in next week.


That’s an awesome shirt!

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Got the dogs a reservation at the vet Monday night. The cats should be fine for one night.

It’s great that you’ll be at your nephew’s swearing-in ceremony and going to the concert with your son. It really makes a difference.

When I graduated from basic training in the navy there were many parents there. Not mine. My father said I was not worth making the trip from New York to Chicago. It hurt.


SO awesome! Great that you can be there for your nephew! I’m sure it means a LOT to him!

And very SPECIAL for you and your son to go to the concert! Way rad!

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We got back home today. Saw my nephew off to the Army. So proud of him.

You are only young once. I wish I could go back and do it all over again.

My sister in law stayed with us in the suite on base.

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