Minerva Shows Cautious Promise Within A Difficult Indication



Roluperidone is seeking an indication for monotherapy in negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia. Roluperidone appears to be on track to be first-to-market in this indication.

Phase 2 data was promising and phase 3 aims to mirror it.

Risks to investment include a historically difficult indication in achieving clinical success, 2021 original patent expiration, and future competition.

While Minerva’s story is interesting, additional key developments will be required to earn a “buy” recommendation.


I’d be interested in taking this with my risperdal, however if it’s a monotherapy I doubt it would be strong enough for my positives


@Opus whats up buddy… i was thinking about u…

What are u upto…??


Not much just in bed, how you doing? Getting excited for the next games for the World Cup?


As add-on to antipsychotics it’s in phase III. I’ve contacted Minerva about it and they expect topline results of phase III in mid 2019.


Isnt it monotherapy…!!! @YoungSchizo…!!!


I think what they’re trying to say in this press release is that this drug has finished phase II as mono therapy with positive results but they’re unsure whether to commence a phase III trial as mono therapy due to the expiring of it’s patent for this indication in 2021. They will probably ask for extension of the patent.

Afaik phase III trial as add-on is on track and the results so far are positive also and they still have a long period for a add-on patent.


It should help negative symptoms anyway…!!

Are u positive about it @YoungSchizo


Yes, if you search in the news section about this drug (min-101) there’s a chart showing very promising results as add-on for negative symptoms.


If it passes it 3rd phase … its going to be super expensive. . I cannot afford it. Holy cow…!!!


I wouldn’t want to take anymore medication than I take now really.


We need new medication to improve ourself… this medicine seems effective against negative symptoms…!!! I want it now…!!!


If someone had really bad negative symptoms it could be worth taking something like that. I’m sort of happy with how my mental state is though.


I have severe negative symptoms…!!! I need that bitch…@@@ whats up @Wallaby…!!!


Haha. Just passing time. My negative symptoms were really bad in the past, but usually not too bad now. I think Seroquel helps a bit.


Thanks for posting this. Maybe I won’t invest in NERV. 2021 isn’t too far away.