Minerva Neurosciences Raising $69 Million to Fund Development of New Schizophrenia Medications (and other drug targets)

Originally published at: http://schizophrenia.com/wp/?p=110
Minerva Neurosciences today filed to raise $69 million via an initial public offering (IPO).  The proceeds from this fund raising will be used to further develop and test their new drug candidates that are targeted at schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses.  The schizophrenia-targeted medication is currently identified as “MIN-101″ and the description of this…


Sounds promising

This is good news.

More recent:



It has passed 2nd phase successfully…!!!

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I’m worried about the phrasing “statistically significant improvement”. Is it the same as “clinically meaningful”? The latter would sound more appropriate and reassuring for millions who are waiting for a revolutionary treatment :upside_down:


this word or phrases are like tipsy turfy tale(tail)…i most of the time get confused…medicine who passes phase 2nd fails phase 3rd…if they has to fail how could they passes through phase 2nd…mysterious one…!!!

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Statistically significant isn’t necessarily the same thing as clinically meaningful, you’re right. It means that there is a measurable effect that is unlikely to have occurred by chance.

It could also be clinically meaningful, though. I don’t know.

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I cant help being pessimistic after encenicline…scientists just arent smart enough to cure neg symptoms yet. If they were wtf have they been doing the last 50 yrs or so twiddling their thumbs? :triumph:

Does anyone have an estimate how soon this will be fda approved. Probably after 2020 right…