Mind's ear

A question for you all. If you like a particular song ,say ‘Born to run’ for example, can you actually hear the artist as though he/she is singing it in your mind or is it just your own inner voice singing the song ?


A bit of both depending on the song. If I like the song, my inner voice sings. If it’s a new song or something I haven’t heard then it’s in my mind.


I have never thought of it but it’s probably a mix??? Actually I’m not sure he could be my voice… Didn’t they once say that the voice in your head is that of your parental voices ? If you have two parents it’s a mix of their voice. If you only have a mom in your life though then the voice is that of your moms??

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I hear it as the artist normally. Unless an alter tries to sing it.

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I just hear the music in my head as the way it’s recorded.

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