Mindfulness meditation

Anyone else on here practice mindfulness meditation?


My voice which comments on everything I do and think help in mindfulness. I am aware of everything I do and think all the time. I have a running commentary…


A boss at work hosted “mindfulness in may” a couple of years ago.

Every lunch time my friend and I would go to a mindfulness meditation with her.

When I was psychotic in 2015, she was my boss. I remember being off work because of sz and having a shower and washing my hair. I felt every drop of water on my head. I texted her, excited about it. She was cool about it.

I have a good work place.


Mindfulness helps me with my emotions quite a bit.


Vipassana. I’m about to write a thread about this amazing meditation technique, and encourage you to read it.

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I don’t really meditate anymore because it’s hard to sink deep into my meditations when the voices kick in. Occasionally I have a good session and sink in so deeply I no longer feel physical sense of my body and become a floating consciousness. It’s very fascinating when it happens.

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I find it so hard to get into a trance state without the help of ambient/drone music.

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