Mind state and body ache

My joints like knees and shoulders make popping sounds and I know I’ve been put through a bit of physical training hell through the military…but really? When I was that active, it didn’t hurt. My mindstate…is it affecting my everyday pains? Does anyone else wonder this way?

I don’t really suffer from any pain unless I’m hung over. I’m young still though that’ll probably change.

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I have severe bodily pain that prevents me from many things. I don’t know if the fatigue is from stress, if I’ve lost cartilage, or even if there’s fluid in my knees. The rape has taken so much out of me, I feel like I need a walker sometimes lol. Also I’m having trouble holding in bowel movements…I just feel like I’m falling apart and I’ve been doing my best to abstain from drinking except on Saturday I did drink a lot…yet this has been going on for years. I don’t know what to do and I somehow feel my hallucinations and mindset could be affecting my own body’s health.

You sound like you’re gonna disintegrate. Spontaneuous combustion maybe?

I have been immolated before actually by my voices…they’ve surgically cut down my back along the spine severing tissue to expose my vertebrae…and then sewed a zipper on it. I can’t defend myself, I am blind to this massive problem. I’m so, messed up.

Sounds like your mind is hell man

DUDE…yeah it sorta is…the masons sawed off the cap of my fricking skull with a hacksaw screaming the question: (are you a Manchurian??? are you a fucking Manchurian!!?)

I lay in my bed, and without even thinking I said…(yes)

I know a lot of people like to treat the two separately but body and mind are connected.

There are so many studies about raising activity and that causing endorphins to raise mood and there are a lot of bits about the physical pain of depression…

It also sounds like your body has been put through a lot as well.

When I’m not doing well and all 5 of my senses are blow wide open, every little thing feels like a huge gash or a very big problem. Also, when I’m depressed, everything feels stiff and rusty and sour.

I hope you find a way to get the body and mind in a better place.