Mind spouting rubbish

Tried for early night as have slight headache but mind decided to spout rubbish like " I need some corenas before it’s too late " . WTF is a ‘corena’ ? There was some other crap but it slipped my mind rather quickly.

maybe it was corona :sweat_smile: Hope you feel better


The Corona I know.

That definitely wasn’t on my mind.

I hope that its not medication related @firemonkey.
Maybe its from lack of a good nights rest?

It reminded me of the spell before getting regular antipsychotics when at night when trying to sleep I was getting phrases going in and out of my head unrelated to my main train of thought, It was hard to tell if it was loud thoughts spoken in my head or internal voices.

My mind does that when I go to sleep every night. I just learned to ignore it. It also does it if I’m doing a mindless activity

Hope your feeling better today…

Your not alone in the boat of slippery thinking. All sorts of odd misfirings happen when I’m sitting quietly at night.

Could be a reference to a Mexican beer , I think(is it Mexican?). Maybe its not even that and just totally random. Anyway don’t go off on a delusional journey about this kind of stuff.

Had another less than good night. Due to fairly busy mind and referred itching. Stand out nonsensical phrase my mind conjured up - " You’ve put your panties on fire" !

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Don’t think I’ll go off on a delusional journey. Seems though that it’s crept back a little though not as bad as it was pre medication.

Cool… :slight_smile:

I love hearing about these little occurrences…

All neck and no meat - Jimbob
Golf is cheese - Minii
I need some corenas before it’s too late - firemonkey

I could see how it’d be weird slash scary if my mind was doing it though

Hah reverse quote!

No - golf is Swedish meatballs :wink:

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