Mind reading

I was at my counselor’s office. We were talking and I handed her my crisis plan. I had written down a lot of early signs of when things turn bad. She looked at them and I could hear her think “you are lost. There is no help for you.”

I HATE THIS! Why can’t I just go back to be normal?! I don’t want to hear people’s thoughts. I don’t want to hear voices. I’m fed up with this ■■■■. I’m on meds, I’m not supposed to read minds or know that people hate me.

You didn’t read their mind. It just felt like it. You’re not lost. There’s plenty of hope. New drugs coming out like iti-007.

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You can’t read minds and people don’t hate you… it’s your mind playing tricks on you. Did the pdoc up your dose?

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Maybe I should have put down mind reading in the plan… I have an appointment with my nurse on dec 28’th. I have to tell her I’m not ok. It scares me. I don’t want to be in hospital again. I might need that if I have to change meds.

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I KNOW I can’t read minds. I know. But yet I believe I can. Logic does not mix well with my mind atm. I try to think logic. But it’s so hard.

Dang! That isn’t fun! I would just refuse to speak to any strangers and maybe the thing will pass…

I think is pretty common old problem called, spastic, if you don’t control what is coming out of your own mouth, like a tourettes case.

This kind of behavior will get you messed with bad in the city, I would do my best not to talk unless speaking to someone normally or like ask question. Would refuse to do any stalking stuff either…This is called thought broadcast or thought insertion btw. But, this is all deniables so mental care refuses to discuss it and calls it delusional. Stinks mental care offers no coping help with social stuff like this but it is the policy. Remember, ever get angry with the care, you go to the psych hospital for forced hold as long as Dr can justify at your own expense…

I tell a few stories sometimes during my twice annually mental care visit for meds management. But, I expect no answer or coping help. I’m just establishing fact that I’m still having trouble with the psychotic strangers.

I know, I’m sorry! This too will pass… Have patience.

:bug: hug! :heart:

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That’s what scares me. I don’t know how long I will be there. Last time it was for 6 months. Until my mom FORCED them to let me go home.

Psych holds can be a bear…It’s that way here. Piss the cops, they try to claim you are a mental case and get psych hold on you until you lose your job, house and they can throw you out. Ever asked by cops where your money is coming front, tell them you work at Walmart. If you live in little town, you work at factory in next county…This keeps some psych holds away. My town gets lots of complaints about trespass or theft from locked up houses, usually from hardware store whose employees steal keys when people copy them. Watch closely as the employee drops extra mistake key in trash and then your troubles start…But some landlords seem to just be giving the keys to anyone and renting to any kind of wealthy looney whose parents can pay for it…Complain about trespassers, cops lock you up here to try to call you psych case. This has LONG history of happening here for like 30+ years…Key to being okay was owning almost nothing except for chair to put under doorknobs while you were asleep…Lots of 3 bed houses with nothing but mattresses in it, couple chairs to put on the doors or get slide bolt with DEEP pockets into wall. Won’t get killed in surburb with lots of stuff taken from locked houses but you can go broke, so best to just se

I met shrink’s wife and couple other women who were just locked up in hospital for pissing their man off. One would just go cheating, not come home at night and he would have her arrested…Husband was guardian and he refused to allow her to divorce. YOU GO GIRL! CHEAT AWAY! Lady acted totally normal and did not hear it even much…This is one reason it is better to proceed with caution into marriage if you have psych symptoms if your mate has any belligerence or disrespect issues…You will really regret him. Shacking won’t get you screwed as badly.

I had this before i was hospitalized for months. Just dont believe it. This is not possible. Ignore it, smile when you get this thoughts. This is how my mind reading stopped. I still get a bit of this sometimes only to question myself how the hell i believed i could read minds and others mine back then.


Was that involuntarily?

I know mind reading sucks. When I had voices telling me that I could read people’s minds just by staring at their forehead, it was very annoying. I think that it is just thoughts of ours that appear to be results of mind reading, but of course we can not read minds. I have many good examples of this that I have posted in the past such as those experiences when I thought I could receive microwave messages directly to my mind.


I had care like yours…I don’t even want to tell you the damage done to confuse this 30 year old adult who self supported, worked full-time in complicated work and owned own home. I was looney confused for a few months after therapy for PTSD after meeting trouble with the local sex abuse people…Care is so bad here for established scam the care sees over and over, it really is that difficult to use the care & have good outcome.

I don’t know what your treatment plan entailed but I would just ignore the voices, do not speak aloud except for normal interactions, say in a lot and do not go on stalking mission/or suggestions you leave the house for ‘wherever’…Why don’t you get a new video game or project that interests you, get some groceries/junk food for a few days and plan to stay in?

No. But I was in a really bad shape and did most of the time not know where I was or how to get out. I tried to act normal all the time for them to let me out. But the pdocs just said “no, lets check next week”. If I had started a fight they prop would keep me there by force.

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There should be a heart with arrow for post like yours comatose, id click on it. Id like the post im happy that you tell your experience, but there is nothing to like, its sad. I also didn´t quite understand where i was for a week or even more while in hospital.

Maybe they wouldn´t force you if you tried to get out. One patient stopped taking his meds against doctors approval and left the hospital. He just signed the papers that he wanted to leave and he went. He acted normal though.

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Hmmm…don’t think I signed any papers when I left. Maybe my mom did. I got to leave the place on one condition, that my mom would take care of me instead. I lived at her place for four months before I returned home to my family again. Husband and kids.

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I think i had to sign. Not sure. You had to be allowed to leave mom and to return to family?

When mom saw I was ready to go back she dropped me off at home. I had forgotten everything. How to cook. How to do bills. How to do the dishes. How the laundry machine worked. I had to relearn everything. Start from the beginning. I’m terrified I’ll be back there again. I don’t know if I have the motivation to do it all again. But The differance is I had been psychotic for 2 years without medication. I’m not there today.

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