Mind reading

They got me by the ball.:white_check_mark::+1::joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::cowboy_hat_face::shushing_face::lying_face:

I’m still not selling my soul. I guess I’m a bit fiesty.

What’s better a fish that’s hard to catch or easy to catch? Surely a fish that is hard to catch is more rewarding. A fish that you can’t catch is alluring. A fisherman will keep trying. Watching waiting hoping that the mysterious fish will be caught. Surely a fisherman will never give up. So much so that it becomes the fisherman’s only desire in life. Eventually that fish gets hooked. Then the mysterious amazing unique fish gets away. The fisherman may get frustrated for a moment but the fish becomes even more alluring to the fisherman. The fisherman never gives up.

Will you ■■■■ or nah

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Is that a white Jesus??

Oy vey.


How are you guys able to see in the future?

You posted this pic once before and Rogueone had you remove it. Why have you posted it again when you clearly know it is against the rules?

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