Mind reading. It's impossible but people try

My neighbor thinks she’s tricky. She thinks she can get a free ride, something for nothing. Yes, Virginia there are truly rotten people out there. I’m not getting sacrificed by someone who tries to read my every thought. Been using me for 4 years. Just a little while ago I actually thought.“Wow these people are brave.They know how mad and insane they are making me and they do it anyway.They takes real bravery.”. But they re not brave. They just don’t get embarrassed about anything. No pride, no dignity, no sense of shame. Don’t even try to hide it. I must be pretty important if they need my every thought. I guess I’m responsible for them. What should I do with them?

Well, if they want to get a free ride on weekdays, give them free ride also on weekend…

I think there are people who if they know you believe your mind can be read will play on that and exploit it… They can pick up on things they do know about you and say or do enough to try and convince you they are reading your mind. It’s a control trip… Maybe they should try out for one of the intelligence agencies Psy-Ops programs, LOL

i think you are being very nice giving these people a lift and things and i hope you are not to far of your route for them,

what i do is i give my sister a couple of pounds for petrol every time as a thank you and i have an arrangement with my friend sweep where she pays for petrol and i get her lunch and drinks and she can come over and stay if she wants, but i think those people should give you something for giving them a lift :slight_smile: