Mind Control


What if the government was using mind control? They want you to be Christian so they can put thoughts into your head. If they can’t control you they make it harder for you to learn. They can lower your energy. Put dreams into your head. Stuff like that. They can make you love someone or hate someone. I think it’s Christianity and a government working together. It really feels like there is a Caste system in the USA. I went to a well known high school and played up a couple years in basketball and I think a high ranking Christian had an issue with and went to the local mind control people and people put thoughts into my head to get onto psych meds. I was in the military and did amazing on the test and I think they started using mind control again. Right now I think mind control is making it hard for me to read. I’m on Risperdal injections, Latuda and Propranolol. Is there any vitamins or natural supplements I can take? I have a couple problems with my irrational view of Christianity and irrational thoughts that appear out of nowhere. I’m pretty stable, but it’s really bothering me.


It seems like you’re experiencing delusional thinking. As far as I know, Christianity is a dying religion. Young people and the younger generations in general are less religious (more into spirituality) then anyone before them. If trends follow, there will be less and less religious people as the years go by. At least in the west.


There’s hundreds of millions of Christians in the USA.


Maybe we should stop talking about this before the moderators close this thread. I have no issues fighting you. But maybe we shouldn’t.


I won’t discuss this anymore. Religion tends to set me off. Regardless, thanks for being level headed :heart::heart:


You know you’re having a bad day when two of TV your posts get hidden.


Thanks for helping me discuss this


I feel better talking about this.


Why would they bother? So you can’t play basketball anymore? Doesn’t make sense. Are you on medication currently? :slight_smile: sounds like you could be due a review or adjustment if so


Government conspiracy’s are a common go to for some people with sz. That doesn’t make it real though. If you look at sz through the ages, paranoia was a thing even before government conspiracies came about. It’s probably not the meds inhibiting your reading capabilities but rather your mental state. I had the same problem. Medication can help settle things down.

Vitamins: all my specialists recommended fish oil to help with brain function.


I think the government wants us all to be Buddhist and to control us that way.


Thanks for the responses. I think the regulations for mind control are different in every state. I think the last thing a Buddhist would use is mind control. Christians think they are going to heaven so they don’t have to worry about their afterlife.


Oh dear. That’s supposed to be bad because Buddhism is such a violent religion? Lmao.

Westerners could learn from some of the ideals behind Buddhists. Loving Mother Nature and all that. Can’t really be bad can it?


Uh, the last time I read the bible, I got bored when they hit the whole begetting nonsense. I’m sorry you’re having these thoughts.


I guess I would want to know why wouldn’t Christian use mind control? It would make all the sense in the world that they do. A lot of experiences as well.


Thanks for your support


I’ve had similar thoughts, although they were less gradiose. More like a person peeking in and scrying whatever I was looking at. Or being watched. That was when I was at my most sick.

I think you may need meds or an adjustment. This is a delusion.


I bet there’s some truth to it and some delusion.


Possibly there could be people watching what we look at online or whatever, but I’ll worry about it when it becomes a problem. Until then I’ll take my meds to keep me from going off the rails.


I went off my meds completely once and started acting like I had rabies. I’ll never do that again. But maybe psych drugs interact with mind control in a way.