Mind control experiences

Have you experienced mind control or what feels like mind control as part of your illness or “delusions”? What did it feel like for you? (Or did you just believe it was happening even though you didn’t feel anything in particular?)

I’ve experienced mind control. There were many times I felt like an evil force was giving me OCD or making me anxious about things for no reason. Anyone relate to this specifically?

What was the mind control like for you?

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not sure if mean an outside force, or tricks, or some kind of program,

but I like to think on meds I’m more in control.
the voices used to be tied to my emotions,

if I felt fear, I heard, “I’m going to kill you.”


I have known of many people who think that they are under mind control, and they are convinced of this to such a degree that they never ever go near the idea of their situation being related to schizophrenia.

Mind control is good, as long as it is your own mind that you have under control.


I have experienced this. I have a delusion whereby I believe that brain researchers are controlling my brain. They communicate with me via tiny little microphones in my ears. The volume is set to where my conscious brain can’t hear what they say, only my subconscious. Therefore they can make whatever suggestions they want. I have totally believed I was an alien (because they told me I was) only to completely DIS believe it later the same day when they took the belief way. I have also believed I am the President, Christ returned etc. only to find it funny the next day that I really thought that. They have made me dance in the street and made me cry.They have made me paranoid and sad and they have made me relieved and happy. They can impact my thoughts alone or my thoughts and my activity. It’s all done via hypnosis directly to my subconscious. I know how this sounds and I take medication every day to counter it. Slowly I am questioning whether or not this is really a viable idea or if it’s my own brain that has a chemical imbalance. I know the feeling though. The feeling of having your brain controlled.


I experienced mind control in the military. I still remember marching to the field in basic, singing cadence at the top of our voices. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself, like I was part of some giant, invincible animal. I can see how the Nazis brainwashed their followers at the Nuremburg rallies. It’s a powerful feeling to feel that you are part of something bigger than yourself.


I experienced all these. The psuedohallucinations controlling me. And I thought I was part of some experiment of mind control so I would become the president or something.

I think that my fridge is mind-controlling me.

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I used to have these kinds of delusions. I would believe that my thoughts were being programmed into some kind of technology that the government was using and that they were going to use both my normal and intrusive thoughts against me. I also believe that I was being mind controlled by the FBI, and for a more ‘religious’ delusion, I used to believe that I was possessed by demons. That’s all I can really remember right now.

Does being married count?


I am constantly paranoid that im being manipulated by other people with extra senses for lack of a better term…
Also experienced time when i thought i was in the hospital as a patient so i could help a young lady that was catatonic.
If i took 79 steps i could give her any energy or healing powers my body had left by transferring it to her via
Mind control.
I also thought if i cought other people in the 78 the step i could drain their energy for emergency situations

I was reading my response on here from Aug 2016, 8 months ago. I still feel the same. I still feel like I am being mind controlled. “They” haven’t hurt me badly in a year but they still make me paranoid on a regular basis.
Wouldn’t wish mind control on anybody. Not unless they are ‘healing’ your brain but that’s not what they are doing with me.


it is mind control , mine has been ongoing a year aswell. I have predicted some outrageous things along with had people around me manipulated by the mind control too to say certain things.

The mind control is real but as are you i am also instructed to take the pills , only diffrence is my voices can also speak through my mouth like im talking to myself , they often play alot of games and tricks on people giving them delusions all to hide underlaying problems they have in there life, untill you gain “insight”

truth is though my voices tell me , if you take the pills this does go away…try talking to them logically , theyre an artificial intelligence beamed into your head via satelite from a super computer.

a way to test this is , look at the my post and focus on a word but do not read it then relax your focus…your eyes should automatically start reading for you


I feel like experiences of mind control are a protective delusion against guilt. You are baffled by your own actions or upset by them. Feeling like something else forced you to do it protects you from those feelings.

I, too, am experiencing the same thing. They can speak through my mouth. They play games in my head.

Someone mentioned “stalking” on here, I am still not sure if it has connection with this.

In your case specifically I think it is more of an explanatory delusion. You don’t understand why you experience anxiety and bad thoughts so thinking some entity is putting it in your head gives you a concrete explanation and also protects your sanity simultaneously.

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