Mind-Boggling Facts About Schizophrenia

Mind-Boggling Facts About Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia, as understood by psychiatrists, is a very rare mental condition that severely affects a person’s behaviour, ability and thinking. The condition is known to affect one in every ten thousand people at least sometime in their life. This article answers the basic question, what is schizophrenia. It evaluates certain facts to elucidate the condition better, thereby helping you form a concrete comprehension of the mental condition.
What Is Schizophrenia? First, the answer to the question, what exactly is schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is basically a psychological disorder wherein people who suffer from the condition suffer from abnormal experiences. Their understanding of society varies from what normal people comprehend about society. Sometimes, they fail to recognise what is real and interpret instances differently. What It Is Not Schizophrenia is different from bipolar disorder and split personality, although certain symptoms are similar. Schizophrenia is a separate condition which is associated with unique symptoms only confined to it. It is because of a lot of conditions that people get afflicted by schizophrenia. What are the causes of Schizophrenia? Well, schizophrenia is a condition that does not relate to only particular cause. In the exact sense, it is not just one cause that can lead to the condition. It isn’t just biological influences or irregularities that cause the condition. Environmental complications are also largely responsible. It is a widely believed fact that environmental implications can lead to mental complications that eventually cause the condition of schizophrenia. Also, street drugs such as LSD and Crack can trigger the condition. Common symptoms of Schizophrenia: Listed below are the common symptoms of schizophrenia. Hallucinations: People with the condition offer hallucinate, meaning, they imagine things that do not actually exist. Severe Anxiety And Depression: Severe anxiety and depression are also among common symptoms. Although these can be conditions in themselves, schizophrenia cannot be diagnosed just on the basis of anxiety or depression for they are not so severe conditions in themselves. A Distinct Delusion: A delusion that of being controlled and of being specifically targeted are common delusions people from schizophrenia suffer.

I didn’t think it was rare. And I thought one out of a hundred people get it. I could be wrong.

Who ever said, “Sometimes the paranoids have real enemies” caused me a lot of anxiety.

loool thanx for replay

The article I read states that one out 285 people will become schizophrenic.BUT… 10,000 people a year become schizophrenic.

Right - a little less than 1%, but compared to Cancer or heart disease - is "relatively"rare.

But compared to leprosy, elephantiasis or bubonic plague it is fairly common!


Yes - generally medical professionals do not consider schizophrenia “rare”.

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This isnt really mind-boggling…I think webmd is better. Its rare, ranging from .3-.7 % of the global population. They just round it up to one percent, it is not actually 1%. But you would be surprised how many people have a cousin or aunt or uncle with schizophrenia who they dont mention until I tell them that I have schizophrenia, then they are like “Oh really? You are way better than my aunt who has it! She lives with her sister and is completely silent at family dinners and slurs her words”

Yeah I dont accept the whole “disabled” thing. I dont like the label and how people think every case is the same. There is no typical case of schizophrenia…

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It’s a physical degeneration.

It’s not just a jumble of “bad thoughts or ideas” but actually specific, acute, and discrete symptoms. Otherwise you’re a mostly normally functioning human being. The brain does end up going bad after time. This is the first real generation of people that had have access to drugs that reduce the positive symptoms without serious mind altering personality bending consequences, so that’s cool.

Having or being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder is even more ‘rare’. I also think that as in my case, doctors sometimes have a difficult time distinguishing the symptoms of schizophrenia with bipolar disorder - they can be both quite similar in presentation


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No one is really sure about what causes schizophrenia. They do scientific research, but it’s not conclusive.

As far as RARE… that little 1% mark is made up of the people who have walked through the doors and been counted, put through the system. Think of all the people who have never gotten help, had family that enabled and struggled on because “it’s just not polite to talk about”

That number might grow as people become less afraid to get help and end up being in the system.


Plus the original poster said “VERY” rare. You might say it’s rare. But would you say, “VERY” rare? Even if you extrapolate and say that ONE out of two hundred people get schizophrenia that doesn’t seem 'VERY" rare.

OR even rare. If you consider that the population of the U.S. is about 500,000,000 to 700,000,000. That’s A LOT of people with schizophrenia. Speaking of statistics, what’s the cancer and heart disease rate in the population?

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