Mind Body and Soul

Mind - body -spirit means that our wellness comes not just from physical health, but from mental health and spiritual health as well. … That’s your mind and your body and possibly even your spirit all working together to make you feel great.


I am working on all 3 of them

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How is working on your “spirit” different from working on your mind?

there seprate

spirit is different than the mind

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How though? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cool, Staying positive also makes you feel good.

the spirit is not the mind even google it


Yes its quite refreshing actually :smile:

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“Google it”


LOL! This thread is funny. :joy:

  1. Exercise. Find an exercise you enjoy, and start doing it regularly. …
  2. Be grateful. Stop to think about the things you have going for you and appreciate them. …
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is regenerative for your body . …
  4. Breathe deeply. …
  5. Install water filters in your home. …
  6. Ground yourself. …
  7. Eat organic. …
  8. Do more yoga.
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I was so damn tired of dwelling on spiritual ideas and being tormented by a demon who somehow has the right to use scripture as a means of torture that I decided I might want to be a materialist. My definition of materialism is the belief that only the world you can see exists. But it didn’t last long or completely take effect. I just think of there being a consciousness and I’ve had many experiences in life to prove it.

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Yess I completely agree! If you guys wanna watch/learn more about this then I recommend the health ted talk podcasts! Phenomenal collection

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Thanks Abree37

and welcome to this forum

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