Mind and Body

how much are the mind and body linked?

Everything is connected to one onother. Especially digestive system.

i do not see a difference ,one is connected to the other, literally .perfect example is hypochondria if the mind thinks the body is sick it can become sick, the mind is very powerful, more powerful than we know or appreciate.
take care

a lot people say healthy body healthy mind, so im trying to get my body fit and will add to my healthyness all round

I have yet to see one without the other, although some people make me wonder.

When we exercise, the body will release an enzyme or hormone that makes us happy. I forget the name of the chemical substance. I think in this way it is why the body and mind are inter-related.

I think the two are one. When I take care of my body, my mind does well. When I neglect my body my mind soon follows.

one couldn’t survive without the other in this world except if you have paralysis in your whole body like that locked in syndrome still you need to breathe, eat, drink, defecate its so hard to talk about really