Min 101 why are u not designated with fast track

I am super excited for this drug.
Hope it will pass its phase 3rd…finger crossed…

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keep in mind that you shouldn’t be the first in line to take a new drug.

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Why if its tested and approved?

Why would u say that…

You see it too often to risk it: "If you suffer from . . . " The, two years later, "If you’ve ever taken . . . . "

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Like which med?

Phen Phen is the big one that comes to mind, but there have been others. Then there were some arthritis drugs like Vioxx. There was a big wave of those around the time Celebrex came out. I’m pretty sure only Celebrex remains on the market. Let’s not forget Thalidomide, of course. You can google some more recent examples.

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But isnt it so that with all these meds you get symptoms in the beginning?

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You probably can tell you’re getting sick, but until researchers have linked it to the drug, doctors will likely treat that illness as a separate entity. But I’m obviously not going to convince you.

Oh you convinced me, but i want it so bad
But do you think this med in particular will have side effects later, because it only works on a few receptors instead of many or doesnt it matter?

i was think about side-effects of the drug apart from how it acts on the brain.

Yeah i know but my theory was that if the mechanism of action is mild that the side effects are also mild. This is probably wrong reasoning right?

I don’t think that’s necessarily true. The drug could still be very, very toxic. But there’s no point arguing about it. We’ll find out what the side-effect profile is when/if it hits the shelves (and in the following year or two). I mean, seriously, if it read “Can cause brain cysts but the significance of these is unknown” would you take it?

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This is not the case for min 101 right? But if it was so i wouldnt take it

i don’t know if it’s the case or not. if it turns out to be a miracle pill, great, right? but you don’t want to jeopardize your health for what the manufacturer claims the benefits are. wait for some independent research. but i won’t post again. like i said, i’m not going to convince you.

There’s currently no way to say with certainty what long term effects a drug might have after 10 years if it’s only ever been used in people for 3. However there is a lot of testing. Computer modeling, animal testing, and human. You just have to decide if the benefits outweigh the possible risk. It’s harder to make that decision if you don’t know for certain the long term risks.

If the drug you are on now has weight gain, blood sugar, and prolactin effects, that is known to be unsafe. If a new drug doesn’t do that, and we don’t know of any unsafe effects, it’s pretty reasonable to leave behind the known problems.
Interestingly, thalidomide was actually very safe for adults, just totally unsafe for fetuses.

I need something that “makes me fly”, a cure will make my situation much better and probably enable me to work,
but it has to be a full cure. MIN 101 won’t do it in my opinion.

As well I think that we should be able to choose everything, from our intelligence, to fitness and bone density
and body shape and gender, EVERYTHING.
This will make our world so much better for everyone.

That would be nice @Erez_Shmerling but if you wait for a 100% cure you will miss out on a lot of life. If you can improve 30% or 50% or 80% what’s wrong with that, and you can enjoy more function while you wait for the singularity. It’s gonna be awhile.

Like I saw someone else say. You can’t make a pickle back into a cucumber.

@Thebigempty043 if you want to stay yourself, go ahead.
I would change everything and I’m sure it will be possible one day.