MIN 101 trial open


MIN 101 update

I hope a lot from this drug …!!! I have tons of negative symptoms… this drug has to pass its 3rd phase …

I think it will be available in Nepal soon…!!!


dont be to hopeful of it coming to nepal right away, it wont even come to my country for 10 years after release and im in the first world.


How do u know …??? Any proff…??.


there is a medical budget and new drugs dont come right away until there funding allows it.
Although you maybe able to access it though india? I dunno how your healthcare system works but i know nepal isnt very rich.


Looks like they already have recruits, I would have liked to participate if they have any sites in minnesota.

They say the study is expected to be completed in march 2020. Really?! A two year study seems too long.

For a while I lost interest in innovations and whatnot, now after reading about these meds I’m actually sort of excited.

@twinklestars, when is lumateperone projected to come out? Based on it being in the second phiii clinical trial.

If you don’t mind also what about Naben?


If MIN 101 says the primary completion date is in 2020, that’s pretty standard for a phase 3. Even though individual participants aren’t taking it that long, people start at different times. Like, they might begin with 100 people now but have 1,000 over the course of the next 2 years. Then usually after phase 3 they will take at least 6 months or a year to complete analysis and make an application to the FDA to accept their drug. So if they are finishing in 2020, the soonest it might be available would likely be 2021 or 2022.

The makers of Lumateperone have said they intend to submit their drug for FDA approval in mid 2018. They have some bipolar trials ending around then so it’s possible they are waiting for data on those. After they submit it, it might take 6 months or a year … unless the FDA wants more studies, then longer.

Naben’s study completion date is mid-2019. So that might be approved by 2020-2021.


NaBen is basically just Sodium Benzoate, isn’t it?


Yes, as far as I know it doesn’t contain anything else, but I’m not sure if they’re making it time release somehow. Pills instead of powder.