Millennials: The Wired Generation

They are changing the business model for companies all across the world. They want everything on their couch TODAY!

Uber/Lift ride Apps…Skip the Dishes food delivery…fast Amazon delivery…etc.

It really is a revolution of sorts.

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My pizza delivery man was involved in a car crash today…
Quite scary

I wish we had those sorts of services where I live. I’d definitely take advantage. And I am a millennial lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Skip the Dishes food delivery App allows you to get your food picked up and sent to you from any restaurant in town.

I think the Chinese and Pizza places are hurting as they used to be the only ones who delivered.

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Gratitude mentioned the millennium comes out of its teenage years. Its 2020 soon.

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I’m Generation X raising Generation Z.

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That would make me the only millennial in my immediate family. My siblings were all born after 1995. And some of them call themselves millennials; I’ll have to correct them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s called ‘Eliminating the Middle Man’.

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It’s not just the service industry. Young people seem to think every whim, thought and emotion needs to be acted upon immediately.
Whatever happened to take a deep breath and count to ten? Or sleep on it?

Today’s younger generations live for instant gratification and it sickens me.

It’s true.

Technology has even sped up the way we address emotional issues. We need to instantly feel better when faced with adversity. Life don’t work like that.

Whatever happened to ‘Tea, toast, bath’? Just don’t drop the toaster into the bath!

Really? You weren’t like this when you were a kid? I know I was.

You’ve just described me and I turned 51 today. I would have used this in my twenties if the tech existed back then, damn skippy.

I guess I was. Especially as a teen

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bites into avacado on toast

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