Millenials (a rap song)


Stream of thought, whats a dot
Oh wait I forgot, welcome to the block
It was 2005, I felt so alive, but the helicopters watching
Hella king copping, help me I am not stopping
back against a wall, Walmart, build a wall mart its not art
have a heart, propaganda, evil santa
711, rap songs, MTV, fanta

A generation of kids that grew up bricking phones
Watching home alone, home, alone
Men on tv look like Truman or Jim
So many guys named Jim, but Im John
What the heck is happening, I cant tell mom

This is a rap song about Gen Millenium
Always getting blamed but f em
Some of us got M’s some of us been tapped
For the benz, some of us cant get a loan
Or a lend, some of us like to Pretend

this is the generation of a very disturbed nation
am I right, I know right, cant help this though
I was born at the wrong time now Im a skitzo
I was an anachronism, I am an anachronism
Band together like the elite
But when in perfect number we a fleet
Dont feel defeated

All that leads to is vitamin D depleated
Gen X just watching the planes fly overhead
Gen Z just wondering what that chic said
Gen Millenial is dead like Zed
Tell me something better for my head
cant go wrong like King Kong
and that funny rap song, hippity hop
Bunny Im Gone. Hip hop money its gone.

Elon Musk is pawn
Evil nerds are always on
this is the new dawn
we are not the chaperones
we’re just the idiots in no go zones
with broken phones
and people problems
but no one could solve them
so we made up our own club
and the weed, lit a fire
so tired, feel desired
Im so wired woke up this way
on fire! dont fire, Its dire
the Millenial Empire.




Nice rap yo.

Inner rhymes and everything, ha

!! :black_heart:


Just trying to be cheerful people take life too seriously…

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