Military service

Does anyone know what the military or police force does if you come down with sz while you’re working for them?

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Depending on the circumstances, I think in the military they would most likely give the person afflicted with sz a medical discharge.

Not sure how it works for a police force.

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I was in the military before I was officially diagnosed with sz. I was pretty wild then, but they kept me in the military anyway. They had a manpower shortage back then. I once applied for a disability pension from the military on the grounds that I had become an alcoholic in the military. That went over like a lead balloon. When I was in the army the military was like a factory that produced alcoholics. Every Friday there would be a long line of guys walking up to the package store and back. If they gave every person who became an alcoholic a disability pension it would bankrupt the country. But they did make alcohol very available to us. When I was in a 40 oz. bottle of Bacardi cost $2.90. I have to question the wisdom of that.


I would think that they would immediately discharge and treat with inpatient.

Are you in the USA currently? I was in three branches of service active and reserves, I did most of my work at Ft. Bragg in the 82nd airborne. I was a machine gunner in an artillery regiment of paratroopers in the 82nd airborne, I was a combat builder in the navy reserves, and I was an avionics tech in training with the USMC before discharged with a bad back injury that required surgery.

You can try to hide it but if this stuff overwhelms you I’d report it to your first line supervisor immediately.