Might sound petty but does anyone know how to improve concentration on movies?

I worry my attention span is terrible. I can’t watch more than a couple of minutes. It is so frustrating.

For the longest time I thought it was my meds but am starting to suspect it might be the illness.

Also I used to be good with books but now I can’t face them either.

Thank goodness I still like music - that hasn’t been taken from me


I’m horrible with movies, too. TV shows are alright, because they’re usually much shorter. Sporting events are also suspect – sometimes I need to get up and pace around when watching sports.

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When I got the jitters my doc prescribed Propranolol and Klonopin

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Yeah I was wondering about propranolol. I heard it can help akathisia too


That was what I had. It helped me.


I think it’s the drugs. When I came off my medication, I was able to watch movies fully again, and binge on TV shows. Going back on the drugs stopped this again. Of course, there is the possibility that the drugs permanently alter you after a certain amount of time…

Watch TV with a friend. Can you play video games?

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