Might have to switch meds. Experiences with Geodon?

Finally got a hold of a doctor who speaks english.
He said he doesn’t think it would be easy for me to get asenapine (saphris) but that we’d see if I could try geodon.

Does anyone have any experiences with that?
How pricey is it, compared to other meds like invega, abilify or saphris?
Any do’s and don’ts?
Is it true you have to eat it with 500kcal twice a day?


Geodon worked pretty well for me when I was on it. I know some forum members swear by it.

Yes, you have to eat with it. The drug doesn’t absorb very well by itself, but will bind with food and absorb better. It would be much less effective if you didn’t eat.

It’s worth a shot. Wishing you well dude!

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Geodon is much cheaper than other atypical antipsychotics. I didn’t have any side effects from it but it didn’t work for me. I’m on Haldol now

I was on geodon about 20 years ago, it work ok for my mood but it gave me terrible parkinsonism. Shaking legs, slow movements and very rigid limbs. You do have to eat with it. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Geodon is an ap? Never knew. I was put on this when I was 16, and hated it. I never slept in public till Geodon. Would come home from school and stare at the wall till it was time for bed. Was horrible.

Cheap and worked well for me, but I gained so much weight.

Nothing but good things to say about Ziprasidone. It is a miracle med for me…

I’ve been on Geodon for over a decade, and I still like it. It is the only AP I’ve taken that doesn’t hurt my mind so badly that I turn into a zombie. I take Seroquel with it, and some people have trouble with Seroquel, but I don’t. Geodon does weaken my body, though. All the AP’s do that. Geodon has gone generic lately, so the price will go down. Hopefully it will go down enough that it will be affordable for everyone.

Why are you changing antipsychotics??

Did the voices come back??

I have a horrible experience with geodon, I heart has beating so fast i thought i was having a heart attack, I felt my heart pumping in my chest, it hurt so much, my heart beat was irregular i had to stop immediately, its different for everyone though this medication didn’t work for me but it might work for you.

Saphris might not be available here

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