Might have made a mistake at work today

I may have put my foot in my mouth at work today.

The girl I am training with is a veteran and her husband is a 100% disabled veteran and our instructor is a military wife and wants her husband to file for disability when he retires so they were talking about 100% disabled vets all day in the car.

I let it slip that I was also a 100% disabled veteran. I got the job with a 10 point preference for being a 30% or more disabled veteran but they certainly didn’t know I was 100.

I probably should have kept my mouth shut. And they asked me what I did in the Marines and I said pilot and told them if I hadn’t been medically retired I would still be flying for a living.

Eventually they were going to ask about what I did in the Marines so I guess I am glad I got that out the way but I probably shouldn’t have let the 100% disabled slip.


They’ve probably forgotten already.

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I hope so. I don’t want a lot of questions. I am not open about my diagnosis. If they press me I will probably say PTSD and that’s only a white lie.

No way I am saying schizophrenic


Thank you for everything, @TomCat

more working for you.

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I wouldn’t answer either.
If it takes a little lie to keep a job, so be it.
I wouldn’t say anything to my new employer.


I never tell them ■■■■ about my diagnoses at a job.

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I think most people consider it rude to press for details about a person’s medical history. Given that, simply saying “I don’t want to talk about it” should quiet most everyone up on the subject.


I saw my therapist at the VA today and told him about work. I have been on the job 60 days and my vocational rehabilitation counselor at the VA closed my case yesterday and said I was gainfully employed.

I told him about training and that I made a 90% in the class. He asked what my wife thought and I told him she still thinks I am going to fail.

I told him my SSDI stopped this month and ■■■■ got real. He gave me encouragement and even gave me a hug.

I went back to work was only 30 minutes late and closed three cases today.

Next week we are off for the 4th of July and I took Friday off too so only work 3 days next week.

Well if anything negative is going to happen as a result, it’ll happen very soon. So if some time goes by and nothing happens then you can stop worrying.

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You’re an inspiration! I am trying to get a full-time job to get off disability, but you have actually successfully done it! So awesome!

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Thanks. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover: Happy Cake Day. @anon39736208

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