Might have just been the caffeine

I started cutting down on caffeine, and I feel a lot better.

It could very well be that caffeine could be the source of my problem, my caffeine use went up a lot when I started that pizza delivery job, and it could have made me oversensitive to it. I’ll find out soon I suppose.


My doctor says she doesn’t think it’s just the caffeine, but that’s what i’m suspecting at this point.

We’ll see. Hopefully it’s the caffeine, but I would trust the doctor also. Leave room for the possibility, you were the one to seek for help, that’s a big step already

I’ve consumed so much caffeine that it has little effect on me now. When I first started drinking coffee it hard a marked effect on me, though. I’d get euphoric and day dream my way through the morning and then be depressed in the evening. It had a strong effect on my moods.

The first two weeks as a delivery driver I worked over 120 hours, open to close at least four days on that pay period, they had me stay late all the time and I was frequently called in. My symptoms started about two weeks after that, and I had been using caffeine to cope during that time.

It’s months later, but my caffeine intake is still fairly high. I can’t remember if there were times when it was lower though. I think there were, but i’m not sure.

I’m going to be pissed if it’s just the caffeine. I lost my car to this phase of psychosis.

Are you still on meds? Maybe that’s why you’re better

I wish I could have gotten those kind of hours when I delivered pizza. As long as you don’t use anything stronger than coffee I think you’ll be okay.

I was barely making any money, because we have a 20 mile delivery radius, it was ■■■■■■ ridiculous.

I finished the entire shipment of mountain dew 20oz by myself in a few days once, and I had a bottle of caffeine pills at that point too.

I’ve been on meds the whole time, but I started cutting down, not even quitting all together, only two days ago and i’ve seen an extremely sharp reduction in most of my symptoms, especially the negative ones, actually.

Well if you get worse again please go back on them, you got me worried now.

That’s what I’m doing now. 20 mile delivery radius!? That is ridiculous.

No, cutting down on caffeine silly minnii :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh okay than. Uff.

Caffeine gives me mania, I’m schizoaffective, I’m sure now, because of coffee. I’ve been cutting down too.

I’m sure you feel better, with meds and coffee doesn’t do us much good besides waking us up in the morning. I can’t cut that first coffee of the morning but I reduced from four to two. Had an espresso in the afternoon, bang, mania came back. I’ll cut those too. Shitty illness, can’t even drink coffee :smile:

I reduced from like fifteen to only about five worth of caffeine.

Substituting for a lower caffeine alternative like tea makes it much easier to cut back

That’s a ■■■■ load of coffee! Yeah, you’re better of reducing, you must be electric all day, or tolerant to it.
Depends on the tea, if its green or black tea it also has teine which is basically the same and gives you iron deficiency if you take too much of it. There was this thing here, women were all drinking green tea to get skinnier and a lot of them ended up with anemia…

I got really tolerant to coffee after that 120 hour paycheck, that job ■■■■■■ me up and I wound up losing money.

My spatial distortions are definitely still present though. That’ll be a my cue to whether or not it was the caffeine once I cut back completely.

Caffeine can have a negative effect on psychosis, because it creates more dopamine. If you’re feeling better without caffeine, that is probably why. It doesn’t mean you don’t have psychosis. It just means your psychosis is triggered by caffeiene.

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It can also cause temporary psychosis on its own, and from what I understand it’s fairly common