Might get a job as a postman

Today post office called in for an interview about delivering letters to peoples home. Its on a bike, but i dont mind, it would be a good opportunity to lose some weight


Best of luck with it, I hope it all works out .

Hey that’s great @Newlyborn! Good for you, hope you get the job.

Dude. That sounds like the best job on the planet.

Delivering mail on a 2 wheeler?

And they want to pay you to do this?

If you decline the offer and care to share you’re fishing hole DM me

Well its a bicycle (hope its electric) not a motorcycle lol. But yeah i think its pretty chilled out job

Sounds good. I have been checking out those jobs, but they are hard to get where I live.

There are 1,000,000 people on r/bicycling. These are hobbiests. But they are hobbyiests serious enough to join a Reddit sub for bicycling.

Someone is going to pay you to do what 1.000.000 fools are out there doing for free.

I think you’re onto something here

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Lol true haha, however its a temp job for like 2 months but its cited that “the termination might be extended” so im not sure whats that supposed to mean, maybe if i work good then its permanent or seasonal?

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I can’t imagine the post hiring seasonal in summer. But IDK

Probably work like you want the job.

Know the history of the post and things like what you are doing

Thr job hours are really appealing from 8am-15:30pm. Also physicsl exercise is really good for sz

The best part is thry know im schizophrenic

Dude. Your golden.

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