Might be helpful for people that hear voices

so i was thinking about voices and i know that i have some kind of person, thing, spirit guiding me through life,

and i call this spirit, the spirit of God, and he helps me to make decisions and basically helps me with everything, it may sound delusional but i think it is perfectly normal,

i mean if you hear voices you have to remember that there is good and bad and that the Good in this world is controlled and so is the bad,

Good has control over the bad also but the Bad is unpredictable,

to Keep the bad thoughts or voices in line or to stop them then i think Good can help beat the badness away, the Good being the spirit of God in me.

you could have the spirit in you as well, you just need to let it into your heart,

i really hope this helps, it has helped me, and also meds, stay compliant :slight_smile:

be well my friends :thumbsup: